Empowerment Starts Here

This site is dedicated to the professional and academic work of Dr. Angela Dye.

Teaching & Consulting


Currently, Dr. Dye is seeking a teaching position in educational leadership, teacher education, or curriculum and instruction (preferably at a research institution or one committed to community engagement).

While her background is heavily grounded in 6-12 instruction, Dr. Dye’s work with teacher training and school leadership has given her an applied understanding of adult learning theory. The professional development workshops she designs and facilitates use metacognitive reflection, inquiry, and authentic application.

Along with staff development, Dr. Dye has served as an adjunct instructor for Alverno College (her alma mater) for two different courses (both focusing on curriculum and assessment). One course was for learners preparing to serve as principals and instructional leaders and the other course was for learners already acting as building principals. It is important to note that Dr. Dye was also a co-designer for the curriculum and assessment course for acting principals.

In addition to her work at Alverno College, Dr. Dye has worked with developing teachers by serving as an instructor for the Institute for Graduate Studies (IGS), an assessor and teacher coach for Cooperative Educational Services Agency (CESA), and has provided workshops for Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), EdVisions Schools, and Wisconsin’s Character Education Partnership.


Dr. Dye’s primary work is with teaching, research and social entrepreneurship; however, she does on occasion serve as an academic or life coach. Her work in consulting demonstrates that she is a consummate teacher and enjoys encouraging individual development in and outside of the classroom!

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