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This site is dedicated to the professional and academic work of Dr. Angela Dye.

Empowerment & Social Entrepreneurship

pbs logo outline (3)PBS Development LLC
Building a better tomorrow… one person, business and school at a time!

As a critical pedagogue, Dr. Dye acknowledges nested systems (Brofenbrenner, 1979) associated with socialization, social phenomena and human development. As a result, her work with student achievement and community transformation is not limited to school leadership, teacher training and student instruction.

Serving as the CEO/Senior Consultant for PBS Development, LLC. (PBS Development), Dr. Dye moves from a single site practitioner to being a multi-site developer. Through this reach, along with an amazing team of staff, volunteers, and supporters, the movement for student empowerment and community transformation has the potential of becoming a national/international phenomenon.

Below is a list of initiatives of PBS Development. To learn more about PBS Development, these projects, or how you can get involved, please visit http://www.pbsdevelopment.com.

  • The ESHpodcast: The Empowerment Starts Here podcast is an ongoing conversation about power, social change, and disrupting the margins. It is a way to bring together like minded individuals (whether they are educators, business leaders, or community activists) around social change agentry.

The Empowerment Network: A nonprofit commissioned to mobilize, train and engage students, parents, teachers, community leaders and philanthropists in the work of student empowerment and community transformation. The network aims to provide services in four distinct areas: professional development, instructional programming, leadership engagement and social change, and school development and management.

The Coalition of Black Female Educators: Based on the research of Milner (2007), Ladson-Billings (2009), Dunbar (2009), and Ware (2008), CBFE exists to validate the critical practice of black female teachers and to increase their visibility and influence in educational policy development and instructional leadership.

• Daughters: Recognizing the psycho-social development of adult women who had childhood experiences with neglect, abandonment and/or emotional abuse, the Daughters project helps women tell their stories of survival and healing.

• Sistah Association for Social Enterprising: Being an African American woman and a social entrepreneur each has its own set of dynamics; however, together, they create a condition that requires strength, strategy, and spiritual support.  SASE serves to create an environment where sisters striving to build a social enterprise can come together and get just that–strength, strategy and spiritual support.

Current Needs…

PBS Development, LLC is currently seeking movers and shakers for its Advisory Board.  Headed by the dynamic Rev. Gwen Thomas, Advisors will partner with the CEO to strategically pursue its mission for student and community transformation.

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