Empowerment Starts Here

This site is dedicated to the professional and academic work of Dr. Angela Dye.


Angela Dye, PhD

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Dr. Dye has approximately 30 years of experience in urban education where she has practiced as a licensed principal and teacher in traditional and charter schools. Her expertise is in empowering urban learners using skills in planning, instruction, assessments and classroom management. With a Bachelor’s degree in social science and secondary education and a Master’s degree in administrative and instructional leadership, she now holds a PhD in education where she studied student power, critical pedagogy and culturally relevant teaching. Since childhood, Dr. Dye has had a vivid imagination and an appreciation for intellectual creativity which she now uses to promote social innovations and change. While she identifies as being a published author, speaker, educator, and activist for marginalized communities, she is most proud of her work with social enterprising where she is currently working with a team of dedicated volunteers to add a nonprofit entity to her consulting business. Through the Empowerment Network as a non-profit entity, funds and services will be made available to other schools and organizations seeking to promote student power and community transformation. Through her work, Dr. Dye lives to model the possibilities. “Empowerment Starts Here” is not just her mantra… it is her life!

5 comments on “About

  1. Cap Lee
    May 4, 2015

    The change, necessary to serve all students on an even playing field while taking them on their pathway to success begins with empowerment. Thank you Dr. Dye, for leading the way

  2. teachezwell
    October 2, 2015

    I found you! Thanks for reading!

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