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The ESHpodcast Explained

The ESHpodcast mainly has two formats. The primary format is guest-centered. In this format, a guest, acting as the Informant, will share their knowledge about a specific case of power (knowing power, doing power, or being power) and then join the host in a conversation about power and social change.

There are two segments to the show. In the first segment, the listener learns about the guest and the general nature of The Case as a concept or activity.  In the second segment, the listener learns about layers of power in our society and explores how these layers help or hinder The Case.

Power as a concept is connected to each case initially by the host.  Through her working knowledge of power, she selects cases that she believes tells a story (directly or indirectly) about power and social change.  Then, through the recorded interview, she tries to bring out the dynamics of power by her facilitation of the conversation.

While the nuance of power can only be revealed by The Informant (the interviewee), the pure analysis of power may not come until the end of the show or sometimes in the solo episode (discussed more below) where the host will talk about power as a concept more so than as an experience (as captured through the interviews/individual cases).   Please know that guests do not carry the burden of driving the conversation about power!


The second format for the show (approximately once a month) is where the host flies solo.  She works to synthesize her learning about power through previous guests and apply to some larger purpose for knowing, doing and being power.


To listen to an episode, click here:  http://www.eshpodcast.libsyn.com/


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