Empowerment Starts Here

This site is dedicated to the professional and academic work of Dr. Angela Dye.

Season 4

  • Ep48:  The Case of the Sunken Place
  • Ep49:  The Case of Sex with C. L.Williams
  • Ep50- The Case of Words with Dasha Kelly Hamilton
  • Ep51- The Case of Black Love with Angela Walker, C. Eric Irvin and Imani Evans
  • Ep52- The Case of Racism (Solo Episode)
  • Ep53:  The Case of EduColor with José Luis Vilson
  • Ep54: The case of Social Capital and School Choice with
    Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig
  • Ep55:  The Case of State Schooling and the Black Mind with Christopher Stewart
  • Ep56: TBD (Solo Episode)
  • Ep57:  The Case of the Black Unicorn (TBD)
  • Ep58: The Case of Observing Whiteness with Cami Touloukian 
  • Ep59: The Case of Personality and Race with Bryant Chambers

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