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Ep48- The Case of the Sunken Place

Empowerment Starts Here with Angela Dye, the host (click here to listen).

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The Sunken Place is a term/metaphor borrowed from Jordan Peele’s movie, Get Out that explores inner disjointedness. In this episode, the host proposes four conditions that create this condition. Instead of discussing racism, as was the premise of Peel’s interpretation of the Sunken Place, she explores how other conditions in the physical, social and political world also creates disunity with one’s sense of self.

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Key Points Discussed:

  • Three different systems in the external world that influence one’s sense of self: physical, social and political;
  • Extroverted sensation and its placement in one’s personality stack that influence’s one’s connection with the external world;
  • Cognitive (personality) identities as contrasted against racial identities;
  • Meyers Briggs and Carl Jung.

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Terms and Concepts Mentioned

Meyer’s Briggs, Carl Jung, extroverted, sense of self, car model, personality psychology, racism, race, blackness, white progressives


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