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Being Black

You’re a new convert I was born this way. You were kept out I was kept in You had to learn my dialect I had to learn yours You trying … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk about Discipline

In a space where African American students make up 32% of the student population and 71% of office referrals, I think it is reasonable to ask the question, “Why?” What … Continue reading

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Plantation Politics

Plantation Politics is about intrapersonal relations among black people inside of a racial system of power.  Being located at the bottom of a racial hierarchy, black people are often lulled … Continue reading

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Race and School Leadership

About 10 years ago, I had a pleasant, but intense, debate with a friend about the unmet needs of black students. She was a fellow social studies teacher I met … Continue reading

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The Case for Personality Theory

For the past twenty years, I have been interested in personality theory, a field of psychology that explains the different ways people think, feel and act. I particularly fell in … Continue reading

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Nice Racism

… is the worst kind of racism. It is disarming. If it is deceitful. It is demoralizing. Nice racism is disarming. It presents as friendly, inviting, and non-threatening. Being racialized, … Continue reading

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Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron My daddy would often say this to me. I took it to mean that his strength and my strength together made us each stronger. And to this … Continue reading

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Episode 72- The Case of BLM with Dr. C. Eric Ervin

Empowerment Starts Here with the Reverend Dr. C. Eric Ervin (click here to listen). This episode is the fifth conversation in the Black Lives Matterseries.  In this call you will … Continue reading

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VP-Elect is the First Woman… NOT the First Black Woman.

As a black woman, I live in a world that positions me ALWAYS based on my race and my gender– never as simply being human. And that is what I … Continue reading

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Vote hope. Vote change. Vote America.

If you have not voted yet, please do!

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