Empowerment Starts Here

This site is dedicated to the professional and academic work of Dr. Angela Dye.


Dr. Dye’s two favorite pastimes are writing and thinking.  While she writes academic pieces from articles to books, she also enjoys writing poetry.  Through blogging and other personal reflections, she creatively merges the two. Writing in a stream of consciousness (as with her poetry), she tackles sociopolitical and educational concepts (as with her academic writing).  The end result is a style that is conversational in format yet political in spirit.

To get a sense of what is meant as conversational and political, please start reading here:

The Value of Standards (August 21, 2015. Published through Education Post)

Is Test -Based Accountability a Civil Right’s Issue? (July 15, 2015. Published through The Empowerment Network)

Young People Matter (May 4, 2015. Published through The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Inc.)

Empowerment and the Politics of Respectability (Retitled)
(March 22, 2015.  Published through The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Inc.)

The Politics of a Political Identity: The Multicultural Challenge (December 20, 2014. Published through The Daily Kos LLC.)

Politics with an Upper and Lowercase P (November 1, 2014. Published through The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Inc.)

Create Schools Where Students Don’t Have to Fight for Honor (March 7, 2012. Published through The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Inc.)

For a more complete list of reflections, please visit the following links:








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