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You’ve Been Tagged

… because I am curious to know what you think.


I am a high process, thinking oriented individual.  In short, I am always wondering…  pondering… musing.

I believe I have done fairly well at building a Twitter community around justice activism, intellectual curiosity, and divergent thinking.  As a result, I naturally go to Twitter when one of my thought bubbles surface.  Sometimes I want to talk and other times I want to listen.  I never want to debate (well, not in these instances) and I always want to learn.

Because Twitter controls what people can see and because I have a tendency of pulling on the same people for their thoughts, I have started a practice of tagging random people in my network. Assuming that I have done a good job in building a community around activism, intellect, justice and/or divergency, I believe the random selection is a complete win.  Even if people don’t agree with my framing, need more information, or want to shift the conversation to talk about something else (related or not), I trust the process.  I believe only good can come of my tagging.  As a high processor, any response gives me more to think about.

I do need to say that these musings (usually in the morning) are not a contest for legitimacy… as in who can (cannot) engage in abstract thinking; who has (does not have) the right answers; and who has (does not have) the right worldview to validate the questions as they have been formed and/or presented.

If you have been tagged and do not have all that you need to engage, for whatever reason, please feel to abstain. It bums me a bit but I get it.  I do not want you to feel compelled to join in a conversation that may not make sense or does not feel safe.  I mean no offense and apologize in advance if my tagging causes any stress or unwanted attention.  If we are following each other, it means I like you and want to keep the harmony!! 🙂 So, if you would rather I not tag you altogether, please feel free to send me a message. I have a stop list and will gladly add you to it.


OK. That’s it. I just wanted to write a brief description about my musings and why I tag. I like thinking in community and I have tagged you because I want to think in community with you!

Onward in thought…


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