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The Case of Words (Ep50)

Empowerment Starts Here with Dasha Kelly Hamilton (click here to listen).

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Ep50.Dasha Kelly Hamility.The Case of WordsAs a person who loves words as a teacher, a writer, and an activist for social change, I have a special relationship with them as power-tools. And since I studied the relationship between race, power and learning in my doctoral studies, I have become even more sensitive to words… word choice, word arrangement, and word tone or effect.  It is a topic that I have been privately considering for some time.

In The Case of Critical Literacy (Ep10), I was able to explore words from a sociopolitical perspective; however, that conversation only got me started.  Sure, we talked about words as in political rhetoric and words as relating to who has/does not have legitimacy.  But, I left that conversation wanting more about the formation of words (especially in light of the political nature in which they are used).  Needless to say, I have been on a hunt for more.

Now, with the admission that I have been on a pursuit to find a person who could talk more in depth about words, I was delighted when my brain routed me to Dasha Kelly Hamilton.  Dasha is a prolific writer and speaker all because, in my opinion, she has a special relationship with words.  It is her superpower and I am more than ecstatic that she decided to share her gifts with the ESH community.


In the recorded call, you will hear Ms. Dasha Kelly share insights on words and the human experience that those words represent. She also talks about writing, publishing and the development of the mind. Please know that in the close out, I talk about a mental function called chunking and how it is essential for experts and the highly creative mind.

Are you struggling with power dynamics at your job, school or home?  Know that a life coach can help you problem solve!!  Please contact me if you want to learn more.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Higher order thinking, creativity, and the writing process
  • Emotions and personal wellness
  • Chunking and Mental Processing
  • Experts and Novices

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Dasha Kelly Hamilton‘s website.

Still Waters Collective

Other ESHpodcast Episodes Mentioned

Terms and Concepts Mentioned

Bloom’s taxonomy, education, emotions, language, poetry, power, privilege, schooling, students, words, writing


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