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The Case of Black Love (Ep51)

Empowerment Starts Here with Angela Walker, C. Eric Ervin and Imani Evans (click here to listen).

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Slide1If the above names sound familiar, it is because they have all been on the show (from Season 1) and are back for a return episode!!

At the end of my conversation with C. Eric in Ep14- The Case of the Upper-lower Class, we started talking about black love.  As we did not have enough time to fully explore the concept, C. Eric and I joked about having him return to flush it out as a separate case.  It did not take long for me to follow up on this idea.  After surveying Season 1 to find other informants to join him, I knew Angela (from Ep01- The Case of Being Black Female and Human) and Imani (from Ep15/16- The Case of Healing, Surviving and Thriving) would be a perfect fit!  All three are insightful, informed and passionate.  It is a conversation that should not be missed!

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Key Points Discussed:

  • Love and sex
  • The rise in feminine consciousness
  • Sexuality and Queer Identities
  • Hotep and Black consciousness
  • Sexual assault and trauma
  • R. Kelly and Judge Kavanough,
  • Polyamory and monogamy
  • White patriarchy and black matriarchy
  • The causal relationship (made throughout the conversation) between black men and black love. [Discussed in the Close Out]

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Other ESHpodcast Episodes Mentioned

Terms and Concepts Mentioned

black consciousness, Hotep, Judge Kavanaugh, R. Kelly, LGBT, love, men, women, black girl.magic, monogamy, parenting, polyamory, sex, sexuality, critical theory


Please feel free to let me know if you catch any mistakes.  Thanks!!

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