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(Part 2) The Case of Self and the Resistance

Empowerment Starts Here with the host, Angela Dye (click here to listen to the episode).

Scroll down to access links and other resources mentioned in Episode 34- “(Part 2) The Case of Self and the Resistance.”

wp-image-1035633946jpg.jpgThis is Part 2 of a case that explores the inner world and how it is influenced by social margins and the socialization process.  In Part 1 (Episode 33), I focused on details of personality theory and argued why such a theory is an important tool to know the self  while working to disrupt social margins.

In Part 2 (Episode 34), I discuss the socialization process as well as the power and privilege afforded to specific personalities.  I also bring attention to the challenges that exist when women of color have  uncommon (unpopular) personalities.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Ecology of Human Development/Nested Systems (the socialization process)
  • Race and gender as relating to personalities.
  • Cognitive functions/Meyers Briggs/Personality Psychology

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

  • TeacherEdChat
  • Personality Hacker
  • Empowerment Framework (Principles 4 & 6)


Terms and Concepts:

MBTI; Personality Theory; Personality Psychology; Nested Systems; Urie Brofenbrenner; Ecology of Human Development; Socialization; Personality Hacker

Other Episodes Mentioned:

Ep04- The Case of Critical Self Reflection

Ep10- The Case of Critical Literacy

Ep33- The Case of Self and the Resistance (Part 1)


Please feel free to let me if you catch any mistakes.  Thanks!!

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