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The Case of the Awkward White Feminist (Ep44)

Empowerment Starts Here with Jennifer Binis (click here to listen).

Scroll down to access links and other resources mentioned in Episode 44- “The Case of the Awkward White Feminist.”

Ep44- Jennifer Binis

In the recording of the call, Jennifer models what it means to be unapologetic around issues relating to women.  She talks boldly about birth control, about abortions as a reproductive right, about being child-free, and about her relationship with women of color and queer women.

In the close out, I talk about my desire to talk about feminism as I thought it could be the route to talking about gender. I have more experience in talking about race (as opposed to gender) so I thought a conversation about feminism would give me an opportunity to explore what it means to be female in a sexist world structure.  But, with Jennifer (like with Dr. Monique Liston from Ep30 and Dr. Dara Nix-Stephenson from Ep32), I learned that it is quite difficult to talk about gender without talking about race.

Needless to say, I learned a lot in my conversation with Jennifer about gender and race from the perspective of a white woman who aims to be critical and socially just (the embodiment of the awkward white feminist).  Please click here (11/6/18) and join me in the lesson.

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Key Points Discussed:

  • The right to control what happens to the body as relating to reproductive rights
  • Striving to do it right (feminism) while acknowledging that one is going to do it wrong
  • White feminism and the lean-in movement
  • Remembering race while forgetting it in friendships
  • Being child-free versus being childless
  • Staying in your lane as an idiom that belongs to black women
  • Intersectional feminist and womanist as terms that white women cannot use
  • Gender as a social construct
  • Masculine and feminine energy as related to gender
  • Unschooling/alt-schooling
  • White people doing racial justice work with other white people (as opposed to doing it with people of color)
  • Being bitchy and being in bitch mode
  • Voting with black women
  • Upholding patriarchy versus disrupting it and creating something new

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Audre Lorde

Robin Deangelo (the author of White Fragility)

Lean Back: Critical Feminist Conversations (podcast)

The Nanette Syllabus

Other ESHpodcast Episodes Mentioned

  • Ep00- The Case of Power, Social Change and Disrupting Margins (a solo episode with the host)
  • Ep17- The Case of Power and Season 1 (a solo episode with the host)
  • Ep30- The Case of Race and Dignity (with the informant Dr. Monique Liston)
  • Ep32- The Case of Critical Race Feminism (with the informant Dr. Dara Nix-Stephenson)
  • Ep45- The Case of White Male Privilege and Identity (with the informants Chris Thinnes from Ep03; Peter Anderson from Ep09; Dr. Paul Thomas from Ep10; and Justin Schleider from Ep24)

Terms and Concepts Mentioned

white feminism; black feminism; queer feminism; womanism; intersectional feminism; emotional labor; gender and race; bitch/bitchy


Please feel free to let me if you catch  any mistakes.  Thanks!!

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