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The Case of Role Reversal (Ep46)

Empowerment Starts Here with Julia Torres (click here to listen).

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Ep46-Julia Torres

Critical race theory posits that historically, white support and justice work in black and brown communities moderately help those being served while significantly helping other whites.  This phenomenon is called interest convergence.  I was introduced to it as a line of thinking during my doctoral studies where I used critical race theory to help understand student powerlessness masked as student achievement for low-income African American students.  As a result of this theory, and my exposure to it, I now have new questions and considerations as relating to education, social entrepreneurship, and social change.

Back in September, Julia had a thread on Twitter about convergence.  Now I don’t think she actually used the term convergence; however, it was what she talked about as she called out the organizational phenomenon of helping black and brown children when simultaneously (in an unspoken/undisclosed way) strengthening the power of white supremacy.

I private messaged Julia and asked if she would be interested in coming on the ESH podcast.  In our pre-chat, I found that Julia had a passion that extended beyond convergence. I am not saying that she was not passionate about convergence. I just realized there was even more passion for talking about those who do the converging… how those who traditionally hold social power react when new power holders emerge.  Speaking about issues of authority and space, I was completely sold.  We named the episode, The Case of Role Reversal, and the rest was history.

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Key Points Discussed:

  • The power shift that happens at the classroom level when whiteness is decentered in the literature read by black and brown students;
  • The power shift that happens at the local level when gentrification happens in black and brown communities; and
  • The power shift that happens at the global level when Americans must confront their relevance (or lack thereof) in an global economy.
  • The impact on identity when roles of power are reversed (presented in the closeout).

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

To be added.

Other ESHpodcast Episodes Mentioned

  • Ep25- The Case of Technology and Schooling from the Margins (with the informant, Dr. Sarah Thomas)
  • Ep45- The Case of White Male Privilege and Identity (with the informants Chris Thinnes from Ep03; Peter Anderson from Ep09; Dr. Paul Thomas from Ep10; and Justin Schleider from Ep24)

Terms and Concepts Mentioned

    Race; gender; language; critical education; gentrification; convergence; critical race theory


Please feel free to let me know if you catch any mistakes.  Thanks!!

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