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I Am


About five years ago,

I gave up the pursuit of being perfect.

Began dancing in the love of being.

With this new identity,

Of being a person rather than being perfect,

I first felt incomplete

As though I had lost my anchor.

But that anchor of perfection was not my compass.

Instead it was a weight that kept me bound

In ways that restricted me from love and self.

Please don’t misunderstand

I still believe in greatness.

And, I enjoy my journey towards that end.

But, I am no longer bound by a need to be perfect

To be measured by an outside world… that has no commitment to the inside me.

To do, to achieve, to conquer

Only to validate myself as being

But I already am.


In my present day iteration of self

I do, achieve, and conquer

Just because

Because I am.

Not because I seek to be.

And, when I sit, stumble, and falter,

I send out glorious vibrations of gratitude

Because in the fall,

I am reminded of my humanness

My personhood

I am.

There is so much peace in that place

In the being.

No better achievement

No greater victory

Than just to be

Fully human

No need

Just an I am that I am.


That is enough.

I am.


This post is in honor of National Poetry Month.

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