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The Case of Family Secrets (Ep21)

Empowerment Starts Here with Val Brown (Ep21). I met Val Brown on Twitter and because she offers dynamic tweets around equity and justice in education, I contacted her about being … Continue reading

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The Case of Healing, Surviving and Thriving (Parts 1 & 2)

In this episode (Ep15), Empowerment Starts Here with Imani Evans. (Click here to listen to Part 2.) Imani is a therapist and activist for women and girls healing from sexual … Continue reading

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The Case of Black Women Loving White Men (Ep19)

Empowerment Starts with Roslynde Kosterman, Nikeisha Riseling, and Ardis Marshall.  See individual photos of informants below. **** I read an article that said that out of all ethnic groups, among … Continue reading

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The Case of the Upper-Lower Class

http://eshpodcast.libsyn.com/episode-14-the-case-of-the-upper-lower-class In this episode (Ep14), Empowerment Starts Here with Dr. C. Eric Ervin. Here, Dr. Ervin gives three ways to understand poverty:  1) a Republican treatment of poverty (in which the … Continue reading

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The Case of Therapy and Well-being 

Empowerment Starts Here with Kaitlin Popielarz  http://eshpodcast.libsyn.com/episode-13-the-case-of-therapy-and-well-being In this episode (Ep13), Kaitlin talks about working with a therapist, briefly about family dynamics that led her into therapy, and about racial … Continue reading

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I Am

  About five years ago, I gave up the pursuit of being perfect. Began dancing in the love of being. With this new identity, Of being a person rather than … Continue reading

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Parenting and the Emotional Needs of Children

Part IV of Room Series. Recently, I was stunned when I read about the relationship between emotional trauma in childhood and physical ailments in adulthood. As noted by Nadine Burke Harris, … Continue reading

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Direction of Care: Child to Mother or Mother to Child?

Part III of Room: A Lesson on Parenting. As discussed in the previous post, I was feeling some kind of way when Joy (one of the main characters in Room) was … Continue reading

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A Mother and Her Son: A Hero in Question

Part II of Room: A Lesson on Parenting.   Room is about a young mom and her son trapped in a small shed. In the first part of the movie, the … Continue reading

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Room: A Lesson on Parenting

As a social science teacher, I have a deep fascination with social institutions and how they influence the development of the individual. Family being one of those social institutions, the … Continue reading

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