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The Case of Black Women Loving White Men (Ep19)

Empowerment Starts with Roslynde Kosterman, Nikeisha Riseling, and Ardis Marshall. Episode 19

See individual photos of informants below.


I read an article that said that out of all ethnic groups, among men and women, black women were the least likely to marry inter-racially.  With there being a noticeable increase in interracial marriages overall, I began to wonder why are black women least likely to marry outside of their race.  And, equally, I became curious about the experiences of those who have.

Knowing three black women (well actually five ) who are married to white men, I decided to bring them on the show together to learn and explore.

The attached episode is entitled, “The Case of Black Women Loving White Men.”  Our three informants are Roslynde Kosterman, Nikeisha Riseling, and Ardis Marshall.  And all three of them told me they had something to say when I asked them if they were willing to come on the show.

Please click here to listen to the full conversation.


Here are some of my favorite highlights… 

Go to our Facebook discussion to read.

Here are some resources/links I mentioned…

Trends and Patterns in Intermarriage by Pew Research Center


Here are some corrections I need to make…

[None noted at this time. However, feel free to contact me if you have one for me to fix.]


Informant 1:  Nikeisha Riseling


Informant 2:  Roslynde Kosterman


Informant 3:  Ardis Marshall



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