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The Case of Divorce, God and Sexuality (Ep20)

Empowerment Starts Here with Tatyana Smith (Ep20).


For a while, I’ve been looking for an Informant to come on the ESHpodcast to talk about the Case of Divorce where I wanted to explore the relationship between marriage, society and gender.

My first attempt to secure a person for the case didn’t go well because she felt I was trying to retell her story.  You see, for every episode, there is a pre-chat where we explore ways to unpack and make visible a specific social phenomenon for which others are unaware.

When I initial contacted the person about a  case for divorce, I told her that I was moved by her personal struggle in getting the divorce and believed it would give us much to discuss about power.  Unfortunately, when we got on the pre-chat, I discovered she wanted to tell a different story– one of victory and survival (as relating to her brand). While we do allow for the promotion of one’s brand, we do not do it at the cost of the sociological treatments of the case.  As a result, I wanted to put emphasis on the struggle and she wanted to be put emphasis on the survival.  Needless to say, we had reached a dead end.

Scroll down to access links and other resources mentioned in Episode 20- “The Case of God, Divorce and Sexuality.”

A few months later, I contacted another woman about coming on the show to talk about her struggle with divorce–politically, financially and socially.  Because she has not yet found a way to successfully get divorced, she rightfully declined. She promised that once she gets the divorce, she would come back and unpack it with us.  Now, we at the ESHpodcast are not trying to promote divorce so whether or now she gets one, we do hope she comes back and tell us what she has learned.  There is definitely a story here!

Are you struggling with power dynamics at your job, school or home?  Know that a life coach can help you problem solve!!  Please contact me if you want to learn more.

Having been raised by a divorcee and a network of powerful women who were also divorcees, I was not dismayed by my two failed attempts.  I knew it was an important conversation.  I just chose to believe that the universe would one day grant me the opportunity to showcase it on my podcast.

And then a few months later, this happened…

I’m a part of a Facebook group that allows people rejected from Christian ideals and/or spaces to still come together and fellowship over their sustained love for Jesus and his message for salvation, wholeness and change. While perusing one day, I saw a woman talking about the stereotypes against women as divorcees, especially those in their 20s.

Bingo!! Here it was. Here was a person who was already talking about her divorce and already aware of the sociological implications of the process.

Please listen to the full conversation here.  Also, check out all of the resources mentioned in the episode. This is the first time I have had the time to effectively put together show notes and I am really excited to share!

Key Points Discussed:

  • The indoctrination by the church against happiness
  • Feminism and the long suffering wife
  • The notion of hell (on earth or in the afterlife)
  • Suffering as a performance in church (repeated suffering) vs suffering by the sociopolitical condition of blackness/ crying is not something that is encouraged at home with families—we are (by models) to cry at church/ more resources were needed to deal with sociopolitical suffering in addition to church
  • Spiritual Dyslexia (not being able to understand God as given to us by the church)
  • Sexuality: typically treated as a condition of queer people and not straight people

Resources and Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Terms and Concepts:

Writing, Divorce, pentacostalism, dogma, protestants, mental health, suffering, heterosexuality, black church, happiness, sin

Other Episodes Mentioned:

Ep11- The Case of Knowing and Learning w/ Mary Diez


The correct naming of the episode is “The Divorce, God and Sexuality.”  In the intro/outro segments I called it “The Case of God, Divorce and Sexuality.”  That was wrong.  Divorce is the leading concept to the case.  Please forgive the mistake.


The Full Link for the Episode…


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