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The Case of Healing, Surviving and Thriving (Parts 1 & 2)

In this episode (Ep15), Empowerment Starts Here with Imani Evans.

(Click here to listen to Part 2.)


Imani is a therapist and activist for women and girls healing from sexual and domestic violence.  Here, she presents Part 1 of The Case of Healing, Surviving and Thriving where she talks about critical foundations to thriving (such as in joy, happiness, and peace).  Imani also argues for a pursuit of wholeness, where thriving resides, which requires individuals to move beyond a fragmented life.  Finally, Imani shares her personal story of surviving, healing and thriving by learning to live a life fully whole, integrating what she identifies as her four selves:  her black self; her queer self; her educated self; and her ghetto self.

I most appreciate this episode for Imani’s discussion of the collective self.  In the close-out, I talk about how I have proudly lived a partitioned life (which Imani says is good for coping and survival only).  I end the close-out talking about Kimberle Crenshaw’s coined theory of Intersectionality and challenge the listeners to think about how they, like me, might have fallen into a trap of only walking into the parts of self that allow for social power (taking on a misguided attempt to escape powerlessness).

In this episode, I referenced my conversation with Chris Thinnes (Ep03) and Angela Walker (Ep01) for two different reasons.  I wanted to highlight Angela’s discussion of having multiple identities in the margins and recognize the full complexity of our work to be liberated.


This case has two episodes.  Listen to Ep16 to hear Part 2!

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