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The Case of the Upper-Lower Class

C. Eric Ervin- The Case of the Upper Lower Class


In this episode (Ep14), Empowerment Starts Here with Dr. C. Eric Ervin.

Here, Dr. Ervin gives three ways to understand poverty:  1) a Republican treatment of poverty (in which the mainstream media is complicit in promoting); 2) the government’s treatment of poverty (as in the Federal Poverty Level); and 3) upper-lower class treatment of poverty (where unlike the lower-middle class, there is a know-how to avoid a cycle of indebtedness and achieve a higher quality of life).

An interesting thing about this episode is that Dr. Ervin is dropping a lot of knowledge.  Our other episodes, while knowledge based, are more philosophical than informational.  At the #ESHpodcast, we want to challenge people’s thinking… their assumptions and their biases.  Yet, in this episode, it is not just about thinking critically… it is about learning.  Knowing that our aim here is to disrupt the margins, this is an episode that will help you to see them…  because we really can’t disrupt margins if we do not know where to begin.

Based on our initial downloads, this an episode that others have appreciated.  Be sure to take a listen.  And if you know others who are struggling with a cycle of indebtedness just because they are afraid of being poor, then you might want to share today’s conversation with them!  They just might find their freedom!



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