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The Empowerment Framework

Originally drawn from the scholarship of John Dewey, Lisa Delpit, and Parker Palmer (and later strengthened by the research of John Gaventa, Paulo Freire, and Gloria Ladson-Billings), the Empowerment Framework centers students in the learning process, gives schooling a pragmatic purpose for building students’ social and democratic readiness, and recognizes students’ sociopolitical environment within the learning process.

The framework has three key features: An expanded scope of achievement; a list of literacies (tools for power); and a method of teaching and learning.

The Framework at a Glance

Expanded Scope of Achievement 3P Achievement: 

Production, Prosperity, and the Promotion of Personal Growth

A List of Literacies (Tools of Power)
Power Building                Power Sharing Power Resisting
P3 Commitment (Principle 1); Personal Assets (Principle 3); Individual Responsibilities (Principle 5) Innate Power (Principle 2); Shared Accountability (Principle 7) Global Efficacy (Principle 4); Sense of Self (Principle 6)
A Pedagogy Student-Power Pedagogy

A Method of Teaching and  Learning

Component 1: Student Independence, Influence, and/Control Component 2: Objectified Treatment of Knowledge, Skills, & Dispositions Component 3:

The Functional and Contextualized Treatment of Knowledge, Skills & Dispositions as Tools

Component 4: External Transformation by Way of Knowing


*To get a brief overview of the Empowerment Framework and its three features, click here.

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2 comments on “The Empowerment Framework

  1. Steven Rippe
    August 10, 2016

    I am so excited to see this work, please let me know how I can be supportive and involved.

    • ejuc8or
      August 13, 2016

      Thanks Steve for stopping through and commenting!! Your background is so rich so your opinion matters!! And, your interest to help sends me over the top!! 🙂 You have a message waiting from me on Linkedin. Let’s connect soon!

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