Empowerment Starts Here

This site is dedicated to the professional and academic work of Dr. Angela Dye.

The Case of Passion and Pursuit 

The ESHpodcast-Ep05: Released on 9/12/17

In this episode, Empowerment Starts Here with Roger Harris (Artist/Performer) and Joshua Howard (Musician/Producer). Not only are Roger and Joshua both pursuing their artistry, they are both former students of Angela Dye (the host). They attended her school when they were in 6th grade (Joshua) and 7th grade (Roger) and are currently in their early to mid-20s. These young men talk about their current life pursuits, the context of their passions and the power structures that make their passion and pursuits possible and difficult.

Note: Although this is Episode 5, this is our very first attempt at recording. Please bear with us on the sound. The content is worth sticking around for.

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