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The Case of Hating High School



This is Episode 06 and today Empowerment Starts Here with Nikhil Goyal, with “The Case of Hating High School.” I am really excited about this show because of a kindred spirit I share with the informant. Being 20 years apart, Nikhil and I had similar experiences in high school being disconnected from the learning process. In this episode, you will learn how, both feeling disconnected, we found completely opposite ways of coping. Whereas I chose to avoid the disconnect by skipping school, he took the disconnect head on and decided to fight the disconnected schooling experience.

Specifically, Nikhil talks about the value of progressive education (and some of its short-comings). He also talks about the democratic challenges of charter schools. Finally, he talks about student agency (which is what I call student-power) and how essential it is for learning.

This is a must listen to episode. Not just because of the wealth of information Nikhil offers (especially around issues related to educational policy), but because of his personal journey as a reformer and the personal agency he models.

I would encourage you to listen! Click here to get started!

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