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The Case of Critical Race Feminism (Ep32)

Empowerment Starts Here with Dr. Dara Nix-Stevenson (click here to listen).

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Ep32. Dr. Dara Nix-StevensonIn this episode, Dr. Nix-Stevenson talks about self-love and self-care as liberatory practices.  She provides a five-part construct on critical race feminism (outlined in the Key Points section below).  She also talks about the bleeding nature of the subthemes within critical race theory:  critical feminism, feminism, jurisprudence, and critical legal studies.

I met Dr. Nix-Stevenson on Twitter but much of our engagement has been on Facebook where we are both Facebook friends and members of a Facebook group committed to women of color who are in higher education.  As with several informants on the ESHpodcast, I felt a deep kinship when talking with her.  Like me, she has her feet in K12 education and in the academy (as relating to her research).  She is committed to the active work of being whole and she thinks critically about social communities on and offline.

In the close out of the call, I talk about the psychological burden of intersectionality (as discussed by Audre Lorde) and the individual nature in which race and gender are placed in our identity stack.

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Key Points Discussed:

  • Bringing the global community into the classroom community (the mandates and the challenges).
  • Social media as tool for social community and a tool for social isolation.
  • Communities for women of color: Greek Society and social media.
  • Being interested in the lived experiences of teenagers.
  • The privilege of life and living.
  • Legislative lens for understanding how life is valued in our country.
  • There is no one essential female voice for the world.
  • Exploring one’s self as a bridge-builder for the world (threatening the possibility of being a bridge-builder for the self).
  • Spirit injury: women of color have experienced multiple injuries.
  • The emergence of critical race feminist theory in education.
  • The basic tenets of critical race feminism: 1) positions race and racism as essential to understanding how U.S. society functions; 2) challenges the ideological claims of race neutrality, meritocracy, color blindness and equal opportunity; 3) is activist in nature and is committed to social justice; 4) centers the experiences and voices of the marginalized and oppressed; and 5) is interdisciplinary in scope and function.
  • Whiteness as a male social construct and femininity as a white social construct– and the location of women of color in each.
  • Women of color as property.
  • Gender justice within a racialized context.
  • Parts of identity that are privileged and parts that art not.
  • The angry black woman.

Notable Names Mentioned (Some):

  • Derrick Bell
  • Melissa Harris Perry
  • Anita Hill
  • Ann duCille
  • Kimberle Crenshaw
  • Venus Evans-Winters
  • Gloria Ladson Billings
  • Adrien Katherine Wing

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Other ESHpodcast Episodes Mentioned:

Ep23- The Case of City X

Ep29-The Case of Student Power

Ep30-The Case of Race of Dignity

Terms and Concepts Mentioned:

Dreamers; Affordable Health Care; Tax Bill (2018); Intersectionality; Feminism; Black Feminism; Critical Feminism; Womanism; Anti-essentialism; Race and Racism; Critical Race Theory; Queer Identity; Self-Care; Self-Love; Black Women

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