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The Case of Giftedness (Ep38)

Empowerment Starts Here with Bernette Sherman (click here to listen to the episode).

Scroll down to access links and other resources mentioned in Episode 38- “The Case of Giftedness.

img_20180906_181715_0811.jpgIn this conversation, you will hear Bernette talk about giftedness, about how she advocates for her children as they embody different types of gifts, and about being gifted in the margins. We spend a good chunk of time talking politically about giftedness, about the federal definition provided for gifted and talented programming, and about the ways in which capitalism and commercialism make space for some gifts while ignoring/invalidating others.

In the close out I talk more about the differences between being gifted versus being talented; about a type of giftedness that gets ignored; and about those consequences of walking in the world without a name or value for such giftedness.

Key Points Discussed:

  • A work ethic/dream ethic
  • Synesthesia
  • Gifts vs talents
  • Being gifted, talented, or bright
  • Writing, creativity and high production
  • The politics of the body as related to giftedness
  • Commercialism and its impact on recognizing gifts
  • Gifts distributed across the bell curve (those that are more common and those that are in the tails).
  • Giftedness outside of the school house (gifted adults)
  • Being gifted as intuitive
  • Personality Psychology/Meyers Briggs
  • Black women and their giftedness

Resources and Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Can You Hear the Flowers Sing (Article that describe five traits of giftedness)

Terms and Concepts:

Giftedness; Gifted and Talented Programming; Synesthesia; Ms. Cobb County; Schooling; Intuition

Other Episodes Mentioned:

Ep01- The Case of Being Black Female and Human with Angela Walker

Ep25- The Case of Schooling and Technology from the Margins with Dr. Sara Thomas


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