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The Case of Judge Kavanaugh (Ep39)

Empowerment Starts Here with Angela Dye (the host), in a solo episode (click here to listen).

Scroll down to access links and other resources mentioned in Episode 39- “The Case of Judge Kavanaugh.”

wp-1509351796667.jpgThis case explores three themes extracted from Senate hearings around the Supreme Court vacancy and the allegations levied against Judge Kavanaugh: body and space; power-over; and the contested nature of the invisible.  In this episode, the conversation is more academic (ish) than newsworthy.  Whereas other programs have discussed Judge Kavanaugh in terms of upper-case P Politics (rule of law, advice and consent, and FBI investigations), this episode explores  lower-case p (interpersonal politics relating to gender, race, emotions, structural power, latent power and psychological trauma).

Key Points Discussed:

  • Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford, and Anita Hill as representations of different political bodies and the power they each hold
  • Four levels of power:  structural; cultural; interpersonal and intrapersonal
  • Three contests for power:  overt; covert; and latent
  • Fun- Chris Brown and Pitbull’s treatment of the body as presented in “Fun”
  • Gender and race in terms of affect, the body and space
  • Power over and the loss of structural power
  • Men’s Rights Movement

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Living My Life as an Essentialist (Essay)
  • Black Facing (Essay)
  • Empowerment Framework (Theory of Practice)

Terms and Concepts:

FBI; Donald Trump; Supreme Court; Brett Kavanaugh; Anita Hill; Christine Ford; Structural Power; Cultural Power; Interpersonal Power; Intrapersonal Power; Covert Power; Overt Power; Latent Power; Men’s Rights Movement; Emotions; Affect; MBTI; Intuition

Other Episodes Mentioned:

Ep00-Power, Social Change and Disrupting Margins

Ep33-  The Case of Self and the Resistance

Ep36- The Case of Low-income Black Fathers (w/Dr. Vibe)


In this episode, I refer to a key representation as Dr. Ford.  She should have been addressed by her full name:  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Please feel free to let me if you catch any  mistakes that I might have missed.  Thanks!!

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