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To My Students…

Dear Current and Former Students,

I just want to tell you that you matter, your families matter, and your culture matters!

Many of us have been watching the unrest happening in our city and cities across the country. I want you to know that I am right here… right here in the community with you! Like many of you, I too have been hearing fire alarms, racing cars and people raising their voices to be heard. I also know (because some of you have told me) what it is like to feel afraid not because of my neighbors but because of larger systems in place to protect, teach, and treat/care for us. Please know that I say these words not to be disruptive but to be constructive. I want you to know that there are multiple levels of unrest that have happened throughout history– from the start of our country. It is the democratic way.

Also know that there is such a thing called the social contract and it allows all of us to have access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are living in a time in history where this contract is under scrutiny. Please be mindful that as effective citizens (one of the points of social studies), we have a duty to engage in the social contract so that we all may live, prosper and be happy.

As I end, please know that we will get through this. We are a great community, a great city and a great nation. People who look like us have been a part of this greatness from the very beginning and it does not end here! Be proud of who you are and until we speak again, stay safe, honor the curfew, and call me if you need to talk.

Dr. Dye

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