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Ep67- Introducing the Season: The Case of Black Lives Matter

Empowerment Starts Here with Angela Dye, the host (click here to listen).

Scroll down to access links and other resources mentioned in Episode 67- “Introducing the Season:  The Case of Black Lives Matter.”

wp-1509351796667.jpgThis year, in the midst of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Jacob Blake,  Rashard Brooks, Ahmaud Arbery, and Christian Cooper, conversations started to really heat up in my world about black lives matter. 

Sure, these conversations were heating up around the country but they were becoming quite personal when they were conversations no longer housed on social media and in news rooms. They were in phone calls where people were asking me directly how I felt as a black woman… directly what I was doing as a school innovator… directly about participating in conversations with presidents of predominately white institutions.  And while I have lived my entire life dedicated to improving the lives of black people, these questions struck me in a way I had not expected. Truthfully, I did not know what I was thinking, feeling and did not know what type action I wanted to take (beyond what I was already doing). 

It was in that moment when it occurred to me that I needed to sit down and have a come to Jesus moment with myself but in a way that would invite others to share their thoughts, feelings and actions… in a way that would both challenge and make me clear.

In the next five episodes, you will hear those conversations I had with a few people who helped me and you will hear me drill down into some not so pretty places of my own mind— places that I would like to think I have outgrown. You will also hear overlap and a little repetition (which I will address in the closing episode of the season).  But, more importantly, you will hear important and distinct nuance ushered in by each informant and that is what I want to introduce to you in this post. n

In the first conversation, where Empowerment Starts Here with Henry Leonard, you will hear about public education and black lives matter through the lens of a union worker.  You will hear that public education employs, it schools and it protects. In the close out of that episode you will hear me explore design features of schooling as relating to a cast system.

In the second episode, where Empowerment starts Here with Demetrius Bennet, you will hear from a millennial– a black male (one of my former high school students ) who is coming to terms with what it means to be black at the structural level all while holding on to beliefs about growth, prosperity and opportunity.  In the close out, you will hear me explore social learning theory and people (their imaginations, their visions and their passions) when trapped in a caste structure.

In the third episode, where Empowerment Starts Here with Senator Lena Taylor, you will hear a politician (one identifies as a public servant) talk about being an unapologetic black woman serving her constituents in one of the most segregated cities in the nation. In the close out of that call, I will explore a concept framed by Paulo Freire (1970) called horizontal violence as an extension of racial terror.

In the fourth episode, where Empowerment Starts Here with Dr. Valerie Bridgeman, you will hear a preacher and a college dean explore God and the gospel as related to all lives mattering and in the close out, I will explore the black church as related to a racial caste system.

In the fifth episode, where Empowerment Starts Here with Dr. C. Eric Erivn, you will hear a reoccurring informant to the ESH podcast talk about racism, the black diaspora around the globe and the real opportunities and threats that exist for black people.  In the close out I will tap into a rather benign comment he makes about the ESH podcast and its relationship to black lives matter. 

Please know that there is so much more to these conversations than the brief blurbs I have highlighted above can convey. They are conversations, not presentations, so you must listen to all of the ways we move in and about a joint meeting of the minds and our share and diverging views on black lives matter as a concept and as a movement.. 

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