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Episode 69- The Case of BLM with Demetrius Bennett

Empowerment Starts Here with Demetrius Bennett (click here to listen).

Scroll down to access links and other resources mentioned in Episode 69- “The Case of Black Lives Matter with Demetrius Bennett.

Demetrius a.k.a YO-DOT was born March 16 1985 in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  He is a recording artist under the Independent Imprint AUERGlass Media located in Milwaukee, WI.  For his past projects–Dot-Balistrerri, Shorecrest Memoirs, Red-Mist & Sherman Park Memoirs, Demetrius has been featured in various blog publications (such as HipHopdx, DjBooth.net, and Donuts & Milk).

I met Demetrius when I was teaching at Grand Avenue High School in Milwaukee, WI. Grand Avenue High was a small innovative school launched by a group of middle school teachers who wanted to grow with their students as they moved on in their schooling. I was brought on board with three other teachers once the high school moved into its third year. The founding crew (students and teachers) moved up into 11th and 12th grade and the three new teachers and I took over the 9th and 10th grade cohorts.  I specifically taught social studies and Demetrius was part of my 9th grade class. I worked with Demetrius for at least two years in that small school setting. He and his classmates made me the teacher that I am today!

I invited Demetrius on the show because I believe he has, by way of his artistry, a firsthand account of what many black men experience growing up in my hometown.

I talk more about this in the close out; however, for now I want to say that liberation, according to Paulo Freire in his book The Pedagogy of the Oppressed, is an act of both reflection and action. Most animals merely experience the world but as humans we reflect and act on the world. A sign of oppression is when certain groups, i.e. people at the bottom of a racial caste system, are required to experience their existence and not think and act on it.  This is what I love about what Demetrius is doing in the world as an artist. He isn’t merely experiencing the world. He is thinking and acting on it!

Please listen and share our conversation! I am very proud of this one!



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More show notes will be added later…

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