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Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron

My daddy would often say this to me.

I took it to mean that his strength and my strength together made us each stronger.

And to this point, he was correct.

Everything he gave, I could give it back.

There is a fire in me just like there was a fire in him.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Over the past year, I have been learning a lot about that fire.

Some people in this room know that I study personality theory and that I have a deep fascination with the human psyche and the mind.

For so long, I have been afraid of this fire.

Given to me by my dad.

It can be intense.


Far reaching and uncontained.



And …I have spent my entire adult life trying not to be any of these things.

Iron Sharpens Iron

But in my studying of the psyche and the mind

I have stumbled across a compelling model.

No, it is not a scientific model (at least not yet) but it is a spiritual one and is used by many churches across the world.

You see, in this model, there are nine numbers for nine types of people.  And across these nine types, are three core emotions:  loneliness, fear, and anger.

Most people who stumble across this model don’t like to think of these core emotions.

Because they are not always pretty.

But the beauty of this theory helps us to understand emotion in two ways:  first, as a result of childhood experiences and second, as a way to be good in the world

Iron Sharpens Iron

So in this model, my dad and I share the same emotion.

We are both located in the anger cluster and here is where it gets interesting.

Being a part of the same cluster, we each had a different relationship with anger.

You see… this model says that for each cluster, there are three different reactions.

One personality type leans into the emotion, one type does not know the emotion, and then one type tries to deny the emotion.

And that is our story,

My dad’s and mine.

We share the core emotion of anger and yet we each experience it differently.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Funny Jesus was also in the Anger cluster.

It is often said that He was a Type Nine… the one that was not connected to the anger.

Now I know this room is filled with preachers and I know when I am outnumbered so I dare not try to argue that Jesus was angry.

But do try to suspend judgment for a minute and give me room as I share this reflection on my dad.

Accepting that this model has some validity.

That there are nine types of personalities, three core emotions and three different reactions to those emotions,

And … accepting that Jesus was a 9, the one not in touch with His anger, and I am a Type 8, the one that actually leans into the anger

I truly believe my dad was a Type 1.

The one that tried to make the anger go away.

Iron Sharpens Iron

What I love most about this personality model is that it takes the negative side of the emotion and helps us to see the person the way God intended.

As assets…  as tools … as gifts needed by the world.

Jesus the nine used anger to bring about peace and harmony.

…Peace and harmony… a higher side of anger.

Me the eight use anger to protect others from anything that is harmful.

…Care and protection… a higher side of anger.

And finally, my dad the one used anger to reform the world and improve others

 … Reforming and leading…  a higher side of anger.

And this is what I believe my daddy was saying when he often said to me that iron sharpens iron.

Yes, through his strength and my strength, we were made stronger

But I also believe through his strength and my strength, we helped each other get to our higher selves…

To care and protect and to reform and to lead

And together, we could connect to Jesus the 9 and experience harmony and peace.

Iron Sharpens Iron

I am going to miss you Daddy.

But I am going to continue on in the world as you pushed

I am a going to take my drive to protect and borrow your drive to lead.

I know you had two other daughters and a son and a nephew whom you loved dearly,

 but I am always going to be your little girl

As you will always be my daddy!


Iron Sharpens Iron

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