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Episode 72- The Case of BLM with Dr. C. Eric Ervin

Empowerment Starts Here with the Reverend Dr. C. Eric Ervin (click here to listen).

This episode is the fifth conversation in the Black Lives Matter

In this call you will hear Dr. Ervin talk about the collapse of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for black people.  He also talks about the choice between gradual change in contrast to “cataclysmic change” (his words) as relating to the liberation of black people around the globe.

The close out of this episode is dedicated to Georgia as an instructional opportunity to understand the intersections of race, geography and politics as well as the implications of this intersection for black lives. This focus in the close out is because Dr. Ervin spoke about Georgia as a Confederate State that is often misunderstood because of Atlanta.  But as said often, the heart of this episode is in the call with Dr. Ervin.  He really brings this entire conversation about black lives mattering into a global consideration and the black diaspora.  It is a good call.

To listen to the show:  https://eshpodcast.libsyn.com/ep71-the-case-of-blm-with-dr-c-eric-ervin 

More about Dr. Ervin…

Dr. C. Eric Ervin is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. He was
born during the time period that bridges the Civil Rights Era and Post-Racial
America. Life, education and career have taken him from the South, to the Chi,
to the DMV and back to the ATL. During this time people have entrusted their
life and health in his hands, develop their programs, and lead their
organizations all as a trained medical doctor. His passion is doing what he can
to make the community that he walks, breathes and will one day die a little
better. Presently he guides people in leadership and community engagement and
trains the next generation of providers in health and wellness.

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